How to kill ticks on your clothes?

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I had a few ticks on me today and I got them out. However, I never really checked my clothes for ticks. So I threw them in the washer. Will the washer and dryer kill away the remaining ticks that are stuck in my clothes? If not, what can I do?
Thank you for the answers! Will ticks go into my other clothes if I put them in the washer with the ones that had tick on them?

Ticks are attracted to body heat because they are looking for blood. If they were on your clothes or person, they were looking for a warm place to burrow (armpits, waistbands and the tops of socks are the perfect places they go to).

If you put a tick in the washing machine and then the dryer, the laundry detergent will kill them, the water will drown them and the excessive heat from the dryer will finish them off should the washer prove unsuccessful in killing them.

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